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  • Geriatrics and Emergency Medicine 2024

    14 items

  • What's New in Resuscitation 2024

    17 items

    Trauma, Paediatrics, and Resuscitation in Remote Environments
    Alfred Emergency Academic Centre

  • Paediatric Allergy Masterclass 2024

    10 items

    The Australian Paediatric Society (APS) welcomes you to the 7th Annual APS Allergy Workshop!

  • Sarcopenia and Frailty 2024

    22 items

  • EMCORE London 23

    47 items

  • Skin Cancer Congress 2024

    29 items

    The Skin Cancer College Australasia is the non-profit, peak body representing primary care skin cancer practitioners in both Australia and New Zealand.
    Complete an online Certificate of Dermoscopy here

  • Business For Doctors 2024

    56 items

    Learn how to create a more sustainable healthcare career!
    The BFD24 Sydney Conference is an exclusive event for health & medical professionals looking to expand their business & financial literacy.

  • Menopause Down Under 2024

    7 items

  • Doctors For the Environment Australia iDEA 24

    28 items

    Doctors for the Environment Australia aims to help create the social and political change necessary to address climate change and other environmental issues that affect health. It does this by influencing the public and decision makers, through education, advocacy and campaign...

  • Melanoma Institute Australia Skin Cancer GP Education Day 2024

    15 items

  • Pain Masterclass 2024

    21 items

  • Musculoskeletal Medicine - Find The Balance

    22 items

    The Australian Association of Musculoskeletal Medicine are the leading provider of high-quality education and training for medical doctors in the discipline of Musculoskeletal Medicine in Australia. With a focus on providing the latest advances in knowledge and skills, the AAMM is dedicated to eq...

  • Ultrasound bites - Learn in ten minutes or less

    49 items

    Video Content Copyright Clarius Mobile Health Corp. Used by permission.
    Wireless ultrasound scanners are available at

  • Sleep 23
    12 items

    Sleep 23

    12 items

  • Women's Mental Health Asia Pacific Conference

    52 items

    HER Centre Australia is dedicated to understanding and treating mental illnesses experienced by women. Their focus is creating interventions and treatments that are tailored to the unique aspects of mental illness through a woman's lifespan.

    They provide clinical services, training and workshops...

  • Paediatric Diabetes 23

    24 items

    Australian Paediatric Society / International Society for Paediatric and Adolescent Diabetes.
    The APS is now the peak body for rural child health and represents rural Australian paediatrics within the Royal Australasian College of Physicians. The APS are long term integral members of the National...

  • Asia Pacific Conference on Integrated Care 2023

    32 items

    Watch videos at 2x normal speed. Download the free ArmchairMedical App from the App store to learn on the go
    To create truly sustainable and resilient health and care systems that really address health inequalities, a system-wide transformation is needed. A new focus on preventative health, part...

  • Don't Forget the Bubbles 2023

    56 items

  • Diabetes Masterclass 2023

    36 items

    Western Sydney is a diabetes hotspot with disease rates higher than the New South Wales (NSW) average.
    Western Sydney Diabetes (WSD) was established in response to the growing threat diabetes poses to our community’s health and wellbeing. It calls for all levels of government, the private sector...


    47 items

  • CVD In Central Australia

    14 items

  • Australian Institute of Cardiology

    13 items

  • Integrative Medicine The National Institute of Integrative Medicine 23

    32 items

    The National Institute of Integrative Medicine (NIIM) brings together research, education and clinical practice in Integrative Medicine. NIIM’s mission is to improve healthcare outcomes and to empower individuals to take control of their health and create a balanced life

  • Point of Care Ultrasound

    25 items

    Video Content Copyright Clarius Mobile Health Corp. Used by permission.
    Wireless ultrasound scanners are available at